Check out Father's Day approved looks "celebrity-style" with Josh McBride on The TODAY Show & Wendy Williams

Every week I get to style incredible people through Luv at First Find and I absolutely love what I get to do each and every day! But it's important when pursuing your dreams to expand your horizons and continue pushing each and every day! I've recently joined an incredible agency wanting to expand my network into styling even more awesome peeps, while working in more editorial and celebrity realms- Enter ThreadsRefined.

When it comes to style on demand, this agency's got it! From partnering and supporting stylist’s nationwide to pursue their passion, while providing an amazing service to local people and communities- I am so glad to say that I am a part of this community! If you're not familiar with what they're up to check out the website for more info HERE! It’s pretty awesome, if I do say so myself!

So this week, I got a call for an incredible opportunity to style the multifaceted lifestyle expert and TV Host, Josh McBride for the 4th hour of the TODAY show, and for The Wendy Williams Show. Check out the segment here

Thanks to the partnership of ThreadsRefined, with my stylist touch- Josh will be talking all things fashion and celebrity styles, all while dressing up guys as celebrities who happen to be fathers! Pretty cool! Speaking of...Here's a little behind the scenes sneak peek of what you'll see! 

So I thought it would be super fitting to tie in the looks I hand picked for Josh to fit into this theme! With Father's Day in the not too distant future, I'm sure you're wondering what is on Dad's list! And since men typically only shop in bulk, why not take this opportunity to give him a refresh for the summer season!

A goal I always have when shopping for a male client or my men in my life, is to get him something that is a multi-favored gift! And by multi-favored I mean, something he'll love as well as you! So if you're purchasing something for the man in your life or for good ole pops there's a few Menswear fashion trends that are sure to please! 

For Josh's look's, I picked outfits that were versatile for the season, while also having a high-end fashion feel to them. 

A couple of principals to keep in mind when buying for that dapper man in your life: 

1) Fit is everything! Fit is the number one item you want to look for when choosing an item for men's clothing. Without it, you can totally loose the feel of the look and may not complement his best attributes- which we all know we want to look and fit our best! 

2) Go for trends but ones that fit his style and taste! For Josh I knew that he loves style and fashion, but I wanted him to feel like himself, which is very polished and classic! So we went for the bomber in green which is more high fashion, but paired it with a dark wash denim to bring in the classic element- for a well balanced look. 

3) Fabric- We are going into warmer months so when we purchased the navy sport coat, we looked for one that was lighter in weight and had a bit of linen so it breathes really well for the changing climate. 

So what look is your favorite and which items will you shop for?!

DON'T FORGET to tune in to The Today Show Friday morning in the fourth hour to watch Josh McBride talk all things fashion and men's style, and see which look he chose! And don't forget to check him out on Monday for another look I styled on the Wendy Williams Show! 

Need help in picking out a look?! Check out this segment I styled Josh for where he talks about all of his fave items for your pops on Father's Day! 

Or Contact me here or request me on ThreadsRefined! Happy Shopping! 


Photo cred via: @codiesanchez 

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Wellness Wednesday: Get Hydrated

Wellness Wednesday: Get Hydrated!

With summer brings longer days, pool parties and vacations that are always a blast, but may leave you feeling less than your best.  It’s not uncommon (or wrong) to allow yourself a little leniency around the delicious food and refreshing libations when enjoying time with your family and friends.  But when it comes to an end, we want you to bounce back and be feeling like you again in no time. 

Our Top Suggestion: Water, Water, and More Water! 

Water is a key part of every system in the body.   If you aren’t drinking enough water, your body may not have the capacity to keep everything running smoothly and leave you feeling fatigued, dehydrated, and bloated (just to name a few).  The list below is just the beginning of why water is so very important in order to keep our bodies strong and healthy: 

  • Kidney support. Removes waste and excess fluid from the body to promote detoxification. 
  • Digestion. If digestion is off, so is everything else.  Hydration is key to preventing constipation.  
  • Weight loss. So many times we misinterpret thirst as a hunger signal.  Next time you feel like reaching for a snack, try to drink a glass of water instead.  Reevaluate after a few minutes.  If that did the trick, you saved yourself some unnecessary calories (not that we count those around here). 
  • Smooth, beautiful skin, hair and nails. We spend so much money on product after product to look our best on the outside.  Insider tip: water is free, and literally makes you beautiful from the inside out.  
  • Energizing.  You’ll have a greater capacity to get your sweat on and maximize your workouts when your body is hydrated.  
  • Regulates body temperature. This is super important during the upcoming summer months when the weather turns a little toastier than we prefer. 
  • “Crowd out” the bad stuff.  When you continue to give your body the water that it needs for hydration, you are less likely to crave the sugary stuff to try and quench your thirst.  

(We could go on for days.) 

How much should you be drinking?  

We’ve all heard drink 8-10 glasses for as long as we can remember.  But if you find yourself losing track of which number glass you are on, get an extra large water bottle (preferably glass and/or BPA free) so you only have to fill up one or two times a day.  Divide your weight in half, and aim to drink that many ounces of water each day.  You can always judge by the color of your urine if you’ve lost track and need help determining whether you’ve had enough.  If it’s dark yellow, it’s a good idea to drink up.  Ideally, you want it to be pale yellow to clear. 

Don’t like water? 

Well, we're not going to pretend to understand, but we have heard it before and no judgement here.  Put some effort into figuring out what works for you.  Add some fruit-infused inspired recipes by adding in ingredients like blueberries, lemons, oranges, cucumber... for a completely natural and healthy way to amp up your agua. 

Cheers to H2O! 

Until next time! 


& Lindsey