2016 Goal Setting- the next step.... create your VISION

So you started thinking with the SMART mindset from yesterday's post. And now you're ready to dive into getting into action! 

So here's a few tips & tricks to clear the way for your best {soul}set and starting with the right foot forward for 2016

Step one: Letting go of old habits

They say old habits die hard.... and that at times can be true. But if you're committed to really clearing the way to pave a new year with new ventures, this is the time to do it! But, if you're finding that you're still stuck- no worries my friend!

This exercise is one I've used myself and re-visit a few times every couple of years to re-evaluate from a clear place.

Ship in the Night

Susanne Conrad is someone that I was introduced to when I was with lululemon and has been a great resource for starting and creating a vision to fulfill! 

Where we start is at her Communication Series, which can help you if your a business owner or just about anyone that needs help with communication... enter everyone! 



So now that you've cleared everything and are starting from a place of nothing... what's next you ask?! Creating a Vision! It's important to visualize what you're life is going to be like 1,3 and 5 years from now or you can do 3, 5 and 10 years from now so you can then start the building blocks for your goals. 

A few tools that you can utilize that I have found really helpful are:

Susanne Conrad-  igolu Communication Series

OR for a worksheet version and a little less in depth you can visit...

Lara Casey- I have decided 

Both of these are amazing resources to get the juices flowing! 

So let's leap out in faith and intention together for 2016 to create some pretty amazing dreams together! 

And check back tomorrow for one more installment! We've cleared our thoughts and space, we've created a bad ass vision so how do we create our SMART goals from here to build a framework?! Dig in today and I'm looking forward to seeing you back here tomorrow to end the week with a bang! 

Until next time!