How to Build your 2016 Goals Framework for Success

Happy Friday my friends! 

Let's end the week with a bang with the last installment for building your goals for 2016! 

So now you've learned about the framework to be SMART with your've created your vision and are in the right mindset...NOW you're ready to break it down and write our your goals step by step! 

Well no worries my dear! Here are the next piece you need to get in action around to create your best year yet: 

Read over your vision and complete a trickle back to your goals

So let's say in my vision, it reads.... I have paid off my largest debt credit card by July 1st, 2016. So one of the first things you would do is look at how much you currently have on the credit card and break it down into realistic increments every month to pay off the credit card by your deadline date in your vision! 

Or let's say you want to want to have a house in your YEAR 5 goals... You trickle back each step that you need to do.

Starting from YEAR 5 when you purchase your home, what realistic steps need to be taken to get you to buying a home in 5 years. Is it paying off debt? Or saving money? Or bringing in a consistent income. Or finding the neighborhood you'd like to be in... etc. 

Or is it you want to get have a certain job title at work in 3 years. Starting in 3 years from when you have the job (visualize this part). What does it feel like? Look like? What are the sounds in the area or room? What accomplishments have you done to get there? Break each of those things down. For instance, maybe you hired an image consultant to help you in creating a professional, but unique personality... enter me! wink wink Invest in Yourself! 

Or maybe your goal is to start your own business... so what does that side passion project look like right now?

So now that we've completed all of the steps! It's time to get it all down on paper! I've created an awesome 2016 goal worksheet to help make it easy and effortless to get in action around your goals! Write that vision down and then trickle it all back.

And don't forget the crucial last step!!! Telling your friends, family and community about it! We all know goals are amazing, but without an accountability buddy and support system we wouldn't be the people we are today! So ask a friend, family, colleague or me to help hold you accountable to all of the amazing things your writing down! 

Still feeling super inspired but want more... create a vision board. Or print off your goals and post it in your office so you can remind yourself everyday of why you're doing all of this! 

So get out there and let's kick some ass! And please please please share with me what some of your goals are! I absolutely LOVE hearing what you're up to and would love to support you in that journey! 


*Just to note- I've left the year open on the worksheet so you can feel free to add in 1, 3, and 5 years goals. Or if you're feeling extra inspired you can add in 5, 10 and 20! 

Until next time!