5 guidelines to be SMART with your 2016 goals

All over the place, everyone is talking about New Year's Resolutions, creating a vision and setting more intentional goals for 2016! But, we all know it's not just about putting pen to paper but being in the right mindset for creating your vision, writing down your goal, having integrity and starting fresh! 

A piece of what I do when I work with my corporate clients is talk to them about goals. Not only within their organization and career, but also in life. What do they want to achieve? Who do they want to be? How can you be you and express yourself along the way? 

So here's a few tips & tricks to clear the way for your best {soul}set and to start with the right foot forward for 2016. 


So what is SMART really about? And what does it really stand for? 

SMART is the framework or guideline you use for creating your vision and goals! Follow these 5 guidelines and you'll be on well on your way to goal setting success! 


You want your goals to be Specific. Listen to the difference in these two statements: 

General- I want to be successful in 2016. 

Specific- I will increase my profit by 20% year over year from 2015. 

*You can see the power in the second one to be able to trickle back and build a plan on. Also, success looks different for each person so keep it relative to you. 


You want your goals to be Measurable. 

General- I want to be happier in 2016. 

Measurable- I want to do workout 4 times a week. I want to have 1 date night a month with my significant other. I want to have 1 girls night out with the ladies every other month. 

*It's difficult to measure happiness because it looks different for everyone. Really dig into what is happiness for you and how can you create more of those scenarios and experiences to get that same result? 


You want your goals to be Affirmative-Thinking that a good result will happen- hopeful or optimistic. 

General- I will floss everyday. I will run a marathon.

Affirmative- I floss once a day, every day. I run a marathon in October 2016. 


You want your goals to be Realistic. Let's make our dreams a reality! 

General- I want to make a $1 million dollars next year. {Not to say you can't be a millionaire... who am I to tell you?! But, if you're currently making $50,000, it might be a bit of a "pie in the sky" kind of dream. 

Realistic- I will make 15% more next year, than last year with my annual income. Or I will make $20,000 more this year in sales for year over year. 


You want your goals be to Timely. Time is of the essence...

General- I want to be debt free.

Timely- I will pay off my largest credit card by July 1st, 2016. I will pay off my second largest credit card by December 1st, 2016. 

So give it a try and let me know what you think?! Two ladies that I've really found to have some incredible resources when it comes to goal setting are: Susanne Conrad and Lara Casey!

Susanne Conrad is a wonderful resource I was introduced to through my time at lululemon athletica.  "Susanne is  the founder of igolu  (pronounced I-Goal-You), a body of innovative communication, vision, goal-setting and leadership training work that she certifies others to lead." And has a wonderful website filled with tons of resources.

Lara Casey is someone that I found out about through my entrepreneurial journey and has built a wonderfully, powerful community. "She founded Making Things Happen movement and recently released her first bookMake It Happen: Surrender Your Fear, Take the Leap, Live On Purpose, to help women live on purpose and make what matters happen. 

I'll be diving more into some specific resources to help you with your goals that I've personally used on tomorrow's post.

So check back tomorrow after you've brainstormed a bit and we'll delve it a bit deeper to give you some immediate action steps for creating bad ass goals for 2016! 

Until next time!