Wellness Wednesdays: Healthy packing essentials to stay healthy on vacation

Our recent #lafftravels to Mexico got us thinking... 

We LOVE to travel, but don’t want to compromise our health while doing so!

Today we are addressing the question of how to balance healthy eating on vacation, while, of course, still enjoying ourselves. 

The first, and most important, step to surviving the lack of healthy, whole food options at airports, road trip convenient stores, and the vast amount of fast food restaurants when away from home is PREPARATION

Bottom line: the last thing you want is to feel less than your best on vacation.  This is the time to let loose, relax and enjoy yourself, so it’s super important to prepare prior to traveling to have easy access to healthy, plant based foods to keep you feeling and looking your best.  

Key players to keep in mind while prepping include:

1.) Foods loaded with nutrients and antioxidants to boost your immunity and keep your energy up

2.) Options that are high in fiber and that will keep you hydrated, so that digestion will be sure to run smoothly

3.) Foods that will keep you satisfied, so you are less tempted to cave in to the junk.


Our healthy packing essentials 


Fresh fruit - super convenient, easy to throw in your bag, and best part, no refrigeration necessary.

Bananas - deserve a line of their own because they are great option for a little extra help if you tend to fall victim to constipation while traveling.

Avocados - perfect source of fiber and nutrition to conveniently add to toast or eggs, if available; if not, eat them with a spoon!

Lemons - starting your day with warm lemon water will keep you regular, energized, and add vitamin C for a strong immune system.

Raw nuts/seeds - easy to pack and a great source of healthy fat and protein. 

Nut butter - conveniently packaged for a delicious, healthy, satisfying treat on the go (plus we have a slight addiction, and must have these on hand at all times).

Granola - make a large batch before you leave or find a low-sugar option at your local health store for a quick breakfast, snack or even dessert.

Oatmeal - pack a container of rolled oats and toppings… add hot water, soak, and top with your choice of coconut shreds, hemp seeds, almond butter and fresh fruit. 

Healthy snack bars - pay attention to ingredient lists here - the less the better, and always be able to pronounce everything listed. 

“Green packets” or chlorella tablets - an easy way to get a good dose of vitamins, minerals and chlorophyll, especially when you aren't getting them from your green juice or smoothie… just be sure to get a high quality, reputable brand. 

Tea bags- pack peppermint or ginger to help with nausea or digestion, rooibos for extra antioxidants, or chamomile to help with winding down… all you need is hot water!

Natural Calm- a convenient powder to aid with sleep, stress, or constipation while traveling. 

While vacationing 

  • Don’t forget the H2O.
  • Always refer to yelp, happy cow, or other restaurant locators to check out plant-based options around you. 
  • If you happen to have access to a kitchen and grocery store, it’s not out of the question to travel with a blender to have smoothies while traveling.  We have been known to do it often, and can’t tell you the difference it has made!
  • Be mindful.  Don’t just eat because you are bored in the car or plane. 

We hope these few steps to preparing for your next vacation will keep you feeling like a million bucks, so that you can enjoy the fun-filled vacation you deserve!

Until next time! 


Sara (& Lindsey)