Wellness Wednesday: How to cleanse

How to Cleanse 

*disclaimer this post is a bit more in depth than usual (so stick with us)... but is packed with lots of knowledge goodness if you're really wanting to jumpstart your mind and body this season! 

Welcome back to your guide to spring cleaning - from the inside out!

We hope that reading through the potential benefits jump started your cleanse preparation and lured you back for more.  If so, choose a type of cleanse from the list below, clear your schedule, and get ready to feel amazing! 

1. Juice cleanse

This is probably the most popular and could work great into your day to day.  If you are new to juice cleanses, try a 3-day… you can always add on a few more days.  Choose a juice bar (organic, please!), and they’ll do the work for you.  If possible, find somewhere close by so you can pick up fresh juices every day, ensuring the highest nutrient content remains in-tact.  Be mindful of the ingredients. Green juices are always your best bet!  Fruit juices may be tasty, but they also lead to spikes in your blood sugar levels.  I am a total fruit lover, but not without the most important part… fiber!

2.Whole foods cleanse:

Our favorite way to cleanse!  We like to think of this one as more of a lifestyle change.  Bottom line, give your body a break from all processed foods, refined sugar, dairy, coffee (ugh, trust us, I know it’s a struggle) and alcohol for a minimum of 3-5 days.  Eat fruits and vegetables, whole, gluten-free grains, raw nuts and seeds, legumes, spices and quality oils - your digestion will be given the much needed break it deserves and begin to function properly again.  Your body will eliminate toxins, reduce inflammation and come into balance naturally. If your typical diet is heavy in those standard american diet offenders, this is a great place to start.  If it comes in a package and has ingredients you cannot pronounce, don’t touch! 

3. Ayurvedic cleanse:

This cleansing series is motivated by Lindsey's experience with this specific cleanse.  A (very) brief background on Ayurveda: with its origin in India, it is the oldest healing science that works to bring balance in both mind and body through the use of diet, lifestyle, color, aroma and meditation therapies.  During her time with an Ayurvedic practitioner, she took the opportunity to take part in her group cleanse.  The cleanse stresses detoxification of the body, usually at the start of a new season, to clear out ama (toxins), increase the digestive fire (agni), and strengthen ojas (your immune system).  Little sanskrit lesson for you :) The cleanse is several days (at least 5 to start the detoxifying process) of a mono-diet, consuming only kitchari, a super-alkaline diet of mung beans, cooked vegetables, basmati rice and spices.  To gain maximum benefit, Lindsey recommends support from an Ayurvedic practitioner to support you and provided cleansing herbs and other daily care routine recommendations to support the cleansing. 

4. Elimination diet: 

We're not going to sugar coat it… this one is probably (definitely) the most intense.  We only include this for those that are serious about feeling their best.  It’s often recommended for those that experience severe brain fog, pain or even autoimmune symptoms from food. If this is the case, we 100% recommend clearing it with your doctor.  If and when you’re ready, remove the five major allergens, gluten, dairy, eggs, soy and corn, for a minimum of three weeks.  You will uncover food intolerances, heal the gut, decrease inflammation, and allow your body to heal with a food plan that works best for you.

Things to remember:  

  • You may experience detox symptoms (headaches, flu-like symptoms, emotions) for the first few days. Don’t get discouraged, power through. 
  • Extra bonus points: start every day with warm water and juice of 1/2 a lemon.  
  • Hydration is essential.  Drink at least half of your body weight (lbs) in ounces of water a day. 
  • Get some zzz’s.  Clear your schedule, and go to sleep earlier than normal.  
  • Incorporate some self-care time.  Read a book, take an epsom salt bath, go for a walk outside, get a massage.
  • Sweat (but don’t overdo it).  
  • Meditate.  Think of this as clearing your mind from the extra stressors, while you clear your body from toxins.  

We get that this may seem daunting.  Sometimes, for us, the challenge and commitment to our health is the most important part.  It’s all about experimenting for yourself and opening up to the potential to be your best self.  You never know what you may end up learning through the process!

So we've given you some general and basic information to guide you in a direction of cleansing.  Please feel free to reach out for support during your cleanse at lindseystonetucker@gmail.com.  It’s always easier to cleanse with someone to keep you accountable!

Disclaimer:  Please don’t cleanse if you are pregnant.  This blog post is not intended to be used as medical or nutritional advice.  Information and statements regarding health claims on this blog post have not been evaluated and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Always consult a doctor before making any changes to your diet and exercise routine.  

Happy cleansing! 

Until next time- 


Sara & Lindsey