Wellness Wednesday: It’s Grilling Season!

images via: cookieandkate.com, plantpoweredkitchen.com, thelemonbowl.com, onceuponachef.com

images via: cookieandkate.com, plantpoweredkitchen.com, thelemonbowl.com, onceuponachef.com

With Memorial Day weekend right around the corner & National Burger Day is this Saturday, May 28th- who doesn't love a little grillin' time!

Gather your family and friends and fire up the grill because this Wellness Wednesday we’re gearing up to celebrate all things that’ll make your mouth water. 

It’s Memorial Day weekend, and we’re kicking it off with National Burger Day on Saturday, May 28th.  

This doesn't mean pick up a drive through burger and fries on your way home from work!  So we’re here to help guide you to the healthiest versions that won’t leave you craving the not-so-good-for-you versions. 

Our top #nationalburgerday picks: 

Lindsey’s pick: 

My pick is a plant-based option made with grains, nuts and seeds, and herbs and spices.  The first time I made this recipe, I scared myself that I was eating meat.  These patties pack a huge punch in both flavor and nutrients.  Perfect way to get your burger fix even if you’re trying to lower your intake of animal products.  


Sara’s pick: 

For grillin' and gathering- this newer recipe is one I've tried recently that mixes up the traditional expectation of what a turkey burger can be! With all whole food ingredients like arugula, parmesan, sun dried tomatoes, pesto and mozzarella- you can't go wrong!


Of course, we never grill out without a few tasty sides.  We’re not shy when it comes to filling our plates when there is a holiday feast prepared, and Memorial Day celebrations are no different (except that we are hanging out by the pool and want to feel confident in our bathing suits).  When there are so many delicious and healthy options, like the ones we found for you listed below, there is no reason to have to miss out (or choose just one)!

Here are a few of our favorites that won’t leave you feeling heavy or sluggish: 

When choosing recipes, we always aim to get the most bang for our veggie buck.  The more ways we can sneak in and incorporate vegetables, the better!  Try to feel guilty even after overindulging a little bit with these recipes… impossible!

Have a safe, healthy and fun-filled holiday weekend!

Until next time! 


Sara + Lindsey