Wellness wednesdays: post-cleanse cleanse

Your Post-Cleanse Cleanse

Hey Everyone! Here's our latest installment of all things cleansing! And in the perfect time before summer hits! 

So without further ado... straight from our wellness coach, Lindsey Tucker : ) 

Be super proud of yourself for the hard work and commitment towards cleaning up your diet and kick-starting your way to healthy living with a dedicated cleanse!  

Keep it going with these post-cleanse tips!  

The hardest part (and also the lesson to learn) can be eating the wrong foods when coming off your cleanse.  Trust me, I have been there, done that.  I very clearly remember during a few of my first cleansing experiences thinking (or should I say dreaming) of all the foods that I was going to eat when the cleanse was over.  Literally, all day, every day, it was “mmmm Mexican food,” “wait, no, ice cream!” “I can’t wait for a big bowl of pasta…”  You get the point.  

Consider this time, post-cleanse, even more important than the cleanse itself.  You have done so much good - detoxing, cleansing and healing your body.  Your digestive system is in a super delicate position, so treat it with care.  The minute you give in to the tempting, hard to digest food, all your hard work goes out the window and may even reverse all the good you did. We don’t want that, now do we?!

Your body is capable of clearing out even more toxins that you have been diligently building up for the course of your life.  Easing off of the cleanse with healing, easy-to-digest foods will further promote the clearance of toxins, thereby maximizing the effectiveness of the cleanse itself. 

Follow the below suggestions of acceptable, clean, whole foods to ease back post-cleanse.  Enjoy the increased energy, mental clarity, glowing skin, decreased cravings, strong digestion and better sleep.   

Think easy to digest foods: 

  • Superfood smoothies:  blend all the greens you can handle with low sugar fruits (berries are a brilliant choice), spirulina, maca, cinnamon, ginger with a non-dairy milk or water.  So many delicious healthy options to keep it exciting!  But remember: keep it simple, don’t go ingredient crazy. 
  • Soups: find easy recipes combining nutrient-rich vegetables, healthy fats, and cleansing herbs, for a warming, nourishing meal. 
  • Plant-based bowls: my go-to most days.  Build your own bowl of gluten-free grains (quinoa or brown rice), beans or legumes (think hummus or black beans), roasted vegetables (get creative), topped with a healthy fat (avocado or a sprinkle of raw nuts or seeds), all on a bed of greens.  BAM! You have a super satisfying, crazy healthy meal!  

It doesn't take long for your body to adjust and start to crave more good, clean foods and less of the processed junk.  Disconnect from the excess sugar, processed and refined “foods,” and allow yourself to eat for nourishment and health.

So let us know how you're doing thus far with #laffcleanse! We'd love to hear your thoughts, accomplishments and opinions of what you love! 

Until next time!


Sara & Lindsey