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With just a few days left to ENTER the Luv at First Find + Shop Revelry AMAZING giveaway, I thought it would be fun to do some QUICKFIRE questions with Shop Revelry Designer- Michelle DeLoach {and just so happens to be one of my dearest friends too} to get to know a bit more about her along with her fave things!

When I was 5 years old I wanted to be…  A fashion designer! Seriously! I grew up around a sewing machine and an amazingly talented mother! Also a lawyer at one point, which is absolutely ridiculous sounding these days!

I would never leave my home without my… I more so leave home with out things all the time.  I love not having anything with me, no phone, no credit cards!  It doesn't work when I accidentally go out of town with out necessities. My husband and I went to Houston last weekend for a wedding and I didn't have my ID!  We almost weren't allowed to check into our hotel because I booked it under my maiden name! eek!

 My favorite moment from my wedding day was… The feeling it gave me when my husband was looking into my eyes during our ceremony. (Sorry for the CHEESE!) We had a sunrise ceremony on town lake, the anticipation of walking up to the "alter" with my parents in the beautiful, raw, and authentic setting was unreal.  Standing there with my husband saying our vows (that we wrote together) in front of our family and best friends was an elated feeling I will never forget. 

My can’t-live-without beauty item is…

everyday... MASCARA - since I got off of my fake eyelash addiction the totally smudge proof mascara has changed my beauty routine! 

wedding day... um... where do I start?  If I had to choose one it would be my hair extensions to get that full wavy lock look I am obsessed with. (And some people like Sara Ricks have naturally!!!) 

If I weren't designing clothing I would be… I fear for that day...

My advice to a budding entrepreneur would be…  Have tenacity and grit. Don't expect anything overnight - It's not easy- expect it to take your ALL for 2 years before you get anything back. (accept for that validating kick-ass feeling that "you're doing you" which is worth it in itself).

Don't listen to negative criticism- and make sure to take all the advice and feedback you can get. Be willing to pivot your ideas or direction and don't get stuck in a box.  

When I’m looking to get inspired I… Take a break.  Sometimes you get wrapped up in working so hard and forcing ideas.  When I let it go and do something un-work related, I come back fresh with a flow of ideas I've gotten from stepping outside. 

The best marriage advice I received was… Always respect your significant other and communicate fully instead of holding things in. 

My guilty pleasure is… COOKIES! MARGARITAS!  Lame mystery shows like Castle, X-Files, Bones.  Turning my phone on airplane mode for a Saturday - sorry if you can't get a hold of me! hehe

When it comes to the upcoming season, the things I’m most excited about are…BRIDAL AND BRIDESMAIDS SEPARATES!  We have mix and match skirts and tops that come in 20+ colors.  The bride can order an amazing tulle skirt and sequin crop top for a shower in blush or ivory  OR her maids will totally love the separates for the big day!  They're comfortable, and truly items that are wear-again worthy. 

And don't forget to check out the blog post earlier this week to find out more details about Shop Revelry and the giveaway

Good luck! 

Until next time! 


Sara & Lindsey