Wellness Wednesdays- LAFF & Community STYLE!

New year, New health start for LIFE

We all know that it doesn't just take a few days or a few weeks to start a habit... it takes 30 phew! That's a lot! But at the same time, if we put in the work and really commit it's pretty amazing what we can create! 

For this first installment of #laffwellnesswednesdays I'm featuring a local female entrepreneur, Kimberly Johnson! Like a ton of women I know, she has a side passion project that she wants to bring to the fore front and is making steps each day to get to that goal!

Too many times we get inside our own heads and are scared of taking the many leaps and bounds we need to take towards being our own #girlboss. So to inspire you to bet on yourself and KNOW that you will make this DREAM A REALITY! Because I believe in YOU and so does this community! 

We'll be featuring Kimberly over the next few installments of #laffwellnesswednesdays to help make her goals her future daily job!  So read ahead for lots of WELLNESS GOODNESS! 

A little bit about Kimberly

I live in Dallas, TX; born in Houston – Texas girl all the way!  Happy 2016! Let’s get this New Year on track for a lifetime of Health!  And by doing so, I would like to share some interesting and helpful tools to impact your life through a nutritional guide to assist in your daily lifestyle.  Health, Fitness and Nutrition has been an interest of mine since I was 19 when I started out as a gymnast. 

Currently, I am working on getting my certification in Nutrition, to graduate this year to start consulting.  Time to tighten up the strings –  the investment in YOU means everything!  I am excited about this New Year, particularly because I have made a commitment to keep my “commitments” going forward, as to writing my first of many post to keep me and others on track to get moving and reenergize to change your lifestyle to understanding nutrition and the great benefits your body will reap from investing quality products into your body. 

5 tips to leading a healthy lifestyle

1. Get proper rest

...even on the weekends, by going to bed at the same time every night (even on the weekends). We should also aim to be in bed at 11 PM, with the lights OFF (NO iPads, mobile devices, etc.) to interrupt the beginning of good (healthy) night’s rest. Why 11 PM you may ask? Simply because our bodies go through a cleansing process at 11 PM and you want to allow your body to do what is was normally designed to do! 

2. Make sure to have at least 1 raw meal a day

Organic juices are helpful in this area, and the natural fibers will keep you full and satisfied longer).  Keep in mind when eating a raw salad (which is not just lettuce with tomatoes) try adding highly beneficial ingredients like celery, radishes, broccoli, asparagus, red, green, orange and/or yellow peppers, beets and so on…the list is endless when it comes to veggies – load up!

RECIPE: A tasty and simple salad dressing to make at home 

-lemon juice (1 tablespoon)

-dry mustard (1/4 teaspoon)

-cracked black pepper (1/4/ teaspoon),

-salt (a dash of kosher, pink Himalayan, sea salt or garlic & sea salt)

-whisk all together first, then add a good quality (neutral) oil (2 tablespoons)  like grapeseed oil, olive oil, avocado oil.  

You can also add this homemade dressing over roasted or grilled vegetables.  Then just give them a toss!

3. Fitness

Fitness is the completion in rounding out the benefits to make your heart, body and soul a happy place to “home” in on!  Daily physical routines are necessary for our heart (as the major muscle) and keeping our joints lubricated to stay strong and supportive for our bodies.

4. Probiotics

Probiotics Strains “Friendly bacteria” or “Good bacteria” that destroys excess bad bacteria and Prebiotic Fiber a specialized plant fiber that beneficially nourishers the “good bacteria”. You can easily find these in pill or powder form for easy daily consumption! 

5. Water, water water!

There are correct times to drink water to maximize the effectiveness on the human body: 

-2 glasses after waking up, helps activate internal organs

-1 glass before taking a bath or shower helps lower blood pressure

-1 glass before going to bed avoids strokes or heart attacks

This health, nutrition and fitness lifestyle “routine” living will kick start your mind, body & soul for a lifetime.

And don't forget to set attainable goals to enjoy the journey along the way! And share your progress with us through #laffwellnesswednesdays

For more motivation and tips, check back next Wednesday with LAFF and Kimberly for more tips and tricks to getting in the best health of your life! 

Until next time!