WELLNESS WEDNESDAYS- Post Workout tips with recipe included


For this last installment of #wellnesswednesdays we're talking all things post workout.. with an amazing recipe to follow! 

With a great post-workout meal you're able to refuel your body back naturally! As well as a bonus to restore the proper nutrients needed for your best body!

What you eat to recover after a fitness training exercise really matters! The benefits your body receives from post-workout nutrition are most important to supply energy and muscle building back into the body.

 During a fitness exercise your body breaks down muscle glycogen (a substance deposited in bodily tissues as a store of carbohydrates; as glucose is used up, the liver converts the glycogen back to glucose and releases it into the blood).

To be replenished in order to allow new growth, you will need to consume your post-workout meal within 30 to 60 minutes, because muscles in the body are most receptive for energy and building in fatigued muscles.

A balance of protein, nuts, seeds fruit and greens will do the body just right!

Here is a helpful and simple post- work meal recipe to use after a great “body wash” workout!


·         Natural roasted chicken breast

·         Organic Tuscan kale

·         Organic red quinoa.

·         Organic cherry tomatoes (sliced)


Optional toppings: quality (unadulterated) olive oil (I use Trader Joe’s Greek Kalamata olive oil – great price for great quality),  fresh cracked black pepper with pink himalayan pink salt.


I hope enjoyed Wellness Wednesdays! If you have any other suggestions on topics you'd like us to cover let us know in the comments below! 

Until next time!