Wellness Wednesdays: Last 7 days of #LAFFwellness CHALLENGE!

Only 7 days left of our 21-day #LAFFwellness challenge!  


Now that we have laid a solid foundation to optimum wellness using mindfulness and a whole-foods, 80:20 approach towards nutrition, it’s time to talk



We can all agree that exercising is good for us, right?  Yet, it’s usually the first thing to get pushed aside by the many other to-dos in our day.  As a vital puzzle piece to our overall health (not just for weight loss, ladies!), we need to make exercise more of a priority. 

It has so many great benefits!

  1. Boosts our immune system
  2. Releases our happy and feel-good brain chemicals
  3. Leads to an increase in energy
  4. Lowers stress, anxiety and depression
  5. Improves sleep
  6. Strengthens our mind and body. 

Shall I keep going?

So let's get into action this last week with these fun and fresh steps to end the challenge with a bang!

With the numerous benefits, it’s important to find what exercise program works for you, and stick with it. 

Some tips to keep you on track:

  • If you know you have a busy day ahead of you, work out first thing in the morning so you won’t give yourself the chance to get “too busy”.
  • Exercise with a buddy.  Accountability is key.  
  • Invest in good workout gear.  We love workout clothes that are super comfortable, yet stylish, and make us feel good.  We’ll share our favorites in a future post, so stay tuned! 
  • Mix it up.  Don’t let yourself get into a workout rut. 
  • Find something you enjoy doing.  If you hate the treadmill (like I do), don’t do it.   

Remember: you cannot out exercise a bad diet!  

Whether you’re just beginning an exercise program or exercise is a big part of your weekly routine, use these suggestions to keep it fun and add a spark to your workout regimen that will keep you coming back for more. 

Let's end the this challenge strong together! Share your journey with #laffwellness challenge

Until next time! 


Sara & Lindsey