Wellness Wednesday: Getting Outdoors, Dallas Edition

Wellness Wednesday: Getting Outdoors, Dallas Edition 

Good weather is one of the ultimate motivators when it comes to our health and wellness.  We suggest you take full advantage while you can… get outside!  get moving! (because in Dallas, Texas, we know the good weather is gone well before we are ready to see it go).  

If you find yourself hesitant to stray from your usual gym-bound exercise routine, we hope this list of benefits to taking your exercise outdoors will have you strapping on your sneakers with a little more pep in your step.  

Being outside in nature is simply good for your mind and body.  We have all felt the instantaneous shift in attitude when the weather is absolutely perfect.  This positive mood booster comes with the increase in the feel good hormones we all want more of.  Outdoor activity allows you to get out of your head and destress.  

We can all use the dose of Vitamin D, a vitamin that many of us may be deficient in, which is super important to bone health and metabolic function.  It is also imperative to keeping your immune system at its best.  

Outdoor exercisers may have a better probability of sticking to it.  Mixing it up and keeping it interesting is the best thing you can do to commit to an exercise program long term.  From experience, no matter how much we may not be in the mood to exercise, if we can get ourselves out the door, the energy always comes. 

Who actually enjoys spending time on those boring machines?  No, thank you.

Getting outdoors saves time and is hands down the most convenient and accessible exercise plan available.  Don’t waste any more time sitting in traffic to get the gym.  Just walk out your front door, and get started.  

Bonus (if you even need any more reasons): it’s the easiest option on the pocketbook.  Say goodbye to those pricey gym memberships.  Nature’s totally free.  

Need some ideas to get started?  Here are three of our faves to try out: 

1.) Klyde Warren Park: 

This newly developed, green space features a wide variety of activities… something for everyone.  The space includes a dog park, playground, putting green, ping pong tables, croquet, to name a few.  Enjoy your favorite style of fitness classes from yoga or tai chi to dance or bootcamp.  Post-workout: visit the numerous food trucks for a tasty and convenient meal or snack. 

2.) Katy Trail: 

A 3.5 mile beautifully maintained trail that will be sure to take your mind off the current exhaustion of walking, jogging or biking.  And we won’t judge if you treat yourself to an ice cold beer at Katy Trail Ice House or brunch at one of the nearby restaurants. 

3.) White Rock:

With paddle boarding, rowing, and kayaking, this is a perfect and easy way to spend a few hours outdoors without feeling like your exercising.  The 9 miles of trail is perfect for a long walk, a training day, or a scenic bike ride.  The gorgeous residences around the lake make for a nice distraction.  Need more?  Pack a healthy picnic and stop by the gorgeous Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens right off the trail. 

Not in Dallas?  Search online for outdoor activities close to you.  You never know, there may be a beautiful gem that you never knew existed! 

Get outside.  Make being active feel a little more like fun and a little less like a chore!  

Happy Summer! 

Until next time!


Sara & (Lindsey)