What to wear: fall weddings- LAFF style


Wedding season is year-round as far as I know! And that means it's always good to have a go-to option for any upcoming Fall showers or weddings you have on your social calendar. I know that every time I get invited to a wedding, I have the initial SUPER EXCITED...CAN'T WAIT feelin! But... then suddenly I'm like crap what am I going to wear! 

Well no frets here ladies! Not only did I find this little number I've posted here, but check out the blog later this week for a little shopping guide that I've put together just for you; that will have you showing up in style all the way from the shower to the wedding! 

Now let's get inspired! Happy wedding season.... I mean wedding year round season! haha

Until next time!



photo credit: Abbye Buchanan

photo credit: Abbye Buchanan