Tips & tricks 2- The 2 big contenders: Fit & Value

I hope your week is winding down to be a good one; especially with this, unseasonably, warmer weather we're having here in Dallas. Totally getting me prepped for a weekend away in Southern Cali this weekend!

I love the cool salty-air breeze, the sounds of the waves from the ocean and sand in my toes. You work really hard all year long and you deserve a vacation. And as much as I love vacay-wear, we're here to talk all things #girlboss.

So we're back with the second installment of how to build a wardrobe that looks effortlessly chic without breaking the bank! And can easily transition from #worktoweekend. 



"Fit is everything" isn't just a popular saying for any old reason! It's the real deal! You can have the most AMAZING product, but if it doesn't fit you well and it's not great quality... then good luck! And you don't have to spend a ton to get great fit and quality. You just have to know where to shop to get great investment pieces and what to invest in that will last you a long time! 

I always say designers brands are great, but no matter what the label is- dig in to what you're really purchasing. Familiarize yourself with fabrics and ask yourself what is the function that I'll be wearing this for to easily determine the value. 

If you're getting something that is fun and trendy just for the season... then go outside of your comfort zone and mix it up a bit! Trends aren't supposed to last forever. But, for items you'll wear again and again take the initial plunge. It will pay for itself tenfold in the future, I promise!

So what do you buy? Where can you find them? What are items that are classic go to's? 



Even if you aren't in a super formal office, every gal and guy needs at least one good suit. It's a great base to build off of and can be utilized for soooo many different variations of outfits. For women, I think the best is one that involves a pencil skirt. But if you'd prefer a pant suit, that works too! 


If you're looking for an item that will stand the test of time and you'll never look back- one word... pumps! Ever since the beginning of the 20th century and even before these little gems were rocking an outfit like none has done before or since. My best tip- snag one in black in nude. And if you already have those two staple- dive in to some printed neutrals that are a sure-fire way to add some personality to your every day wardrobe!

So no matter if you're a total novice to building your work wardrobe or your an expert, you can always add a little something that lets your amazing personality shine through! Let me know which item is your favorite via social media #worktoweekend. 

And if you or your company would benefit from a service or presentation to help teach you the tools on how to build your own work wardrobe please don't hesitate to reach out and schedule a complimentary consultation today

Until the next installment...